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We can help you prune and maintain your trees. Pruning is the cutting or removing of branches or sections of trees to improve their shape or growth. Pruning is typically done as a preventative or corrective measure to remove dead or broken branches, which can decay and weaken the tree. Pruning also serves to remove crowded or rubbing limbs, to eliminate hazards, and to increase light and air penetration necessary to the health of the tree.

Since each cut to a tree has the potential to change the growth, it is important to consider the goals for branch removal. Charlottesville Tree Service can assist you with developing an appropriate pruning program to achieve your goals.

“Not only did the team do a terrific job, they are exceptionally nice people to work with. I recommend them highly.” 

S.S., Google Review

Limb Removal Service

While it’s sometimes necessary to remove larger limbs that have become hazards or obstacles around your house, we seek to identify and prune those limbs early in the growth of the tree. The sooner we can help you implement a pruning plan, the better. When there is no alternative, we will remove larger limbs as necessary while trying to maintain industry best practices to reduce stress to the tree.

A man hanging from a tree cuts a limb
Two men talking about a tree

Disease and Pest Management

Charlottesville Tree Service will help you identify the presence of pests or diseases in your trees and will develop an appropriate plan to address the problem. We partner with a local horticulturist who specializes in pest and disease management, as well as ancient tree preservation, and can implement a wide range of treatments that best meet the needs of your tree.

Tree Cabling

Cabling multiple limbs within the canopy can help to prevent tree failure. The most common situations where we would install a cabling system are in order to support two or more “co-dominant” trunks as a means to minimize their chance of splitting or to help support a large limb that has grown over your house. We will be happy to help you determine if tree cabling is best for you.

A man in a crane cabling a tree
A man pruning a tree between two houses

What if My Neighbor's Tree is Touching My House?

Many of our clients hire us to remove or prune trees that are actually on their neighbor’s yard and cross into theirs. While it is best to work with all parties involved to meet everyone’s goals, you generally have the legal right to remove limbs that cross onto your property. Instead of removing every limb along a straight line at the property division, we always seek to make pruning cuts that are also in the tree’s best interest.