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We specialize in dealing with hazardous trees and can provide emergency storm response—bringing the right equipment to safely get the job done and protect your property from further damage. These jobs typically present the most dangerous situations when there are unforeseeable and unstable loads in the fallen trees and limbs, as well as other complicating factors.

Attempting to cut away the limbs yourself can possibly make the situation even worse. Our experience and understanding of the various forces and loads help us to mitigate that danger. We also routinely work with several local crane companies to ensure the fallen tree(s) can be removed in the safest manner possible.

“These guys were top notch. They worked hard, efficiently and professionally. Because of the difficult site and hauling issues they had to take it all down with ropes and haul it out, piece by piece, without damaging our fence line or the neighbor’s yard.”

M.P., Google Review

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

While being surrounded by so many beautiful trees in central Virginia is a blessing, this sometimes results in a tree falling on your house. If this unfortunate situation happens and no one is injured or in distress requiring emergency first-responders, you should contact you insurance company for guidance on the process of stabilizing and finally repairing the affected structures. Besides removing the offending tree, it is likely that you will need a professional engineer to evaluate the safety of the structure.

While we cannot provide engineering opinions or recommendations, with over 25 years of inspecting damaged and deteriorating buildings, we are uniquely qualified to assist you through the process and maintain safety. Call us, and we will provide the prompt response you require.

A crane removing a tree from a house
Man using a crane to remove a tree from a house

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Tree Removal After a Storm?

Typically your own homeowner’s insurance will cover damage from a tree that falls on your house. In some cases, the homeowner can be held liable if the tree had previously been identified as a hazard. While this is rare, it is best to deal with a problem tree before it falls and avoid the hassle of working with your insurance. As a licensed and insured tree company, your insurance provider should accept our services.