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We will grind your stumps in conjunction with a tree removal or as a stand-alone job. We typically grind the stump to roughly six inches below grade and can either leave a mound of the grindings (which make great mulch) or remove as much as necessary to help you achieve your goals for the space.

As a more affordable option, we can also grind the stump to just below the surface of your lawn so you can mow over the area.

“This is a great team! They were easy to work with, quick to communicate, and Provided great rates for tree and stump removal. We will definitely use them for all future projects.”

W.S., Google Review

How to Remove a Tree Stump

While you may find many different recommendations for getting rid of your stumps, many of these will take years before the stump is completely gone. Furthermore, stumps from most hardwood trees will continue to send up new growth for multiple seasons and will need to be continually cut. Short of hiring an excavator to dig it out, grinding the stump is the most effective option.

Many local companies rent stump grinders and will charge you $400-500 per day to rent a grinder large enough to effectively take care of the stump. Avoid the hassle and call us to remove the stump for you. We have outfitted our 35hp diesel grinder with specialty cutters that will quickly grind through the hardest of stumps.

A stump grinder removing a stump
Mulch from a ground stump

Using Stump Grindings as Mulch

Stump grindings create a rich mulch that quickly composts and can be reused throughout your lawn or garden. Many clients choose to leave the grindings mounded in the place where the stump used to be. The mound will quickly settle and return to level over time.

If you wish to get grass to grow immediately, we can remove the grindings and replace it with topsoil. Otherwise, the grindings will be too “hot” for grass seed to survive as it composts. Let us know what your ultimate goals are, and we will provide the best solution to meet your needs.